Cardano Kopi is the international brand of SOkopi and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. We started SOkopi in East Java, Indonesia in 2017 because we wanted to help local coffee farmers and workers get their fair share of the value of their coffee.
Komaria Kartika and Carl Shepherd are the co-founders of both Cardano Kopi and SOkopi.
Cardano Kopi Organic Single-origin Indonesian Roast Coffee Co-founders
We currently employ around 10 people on a regular basis and many more during harvest and processing season. 
Cardano Kopi Organic Single-origin Indonesian Roast Coffee Team Photo
Read more about the SOkopi partners who make Cardano Kopi happen.
Cardano Kopi is unique in many ways and has 3 core values: Quality, integrity and Transparency. 


  • We farm, process, roast and market our coffee. That means we quality control the end to end process from seed to cup. 
  • We are fanatic about quality, for example, we use stainless steel drying racks, so there is no chance of nasty contaminants. We also use military spec plastic bags for storing dry beans. These block moisture and oxygen 100 times better than industry leading bags like Grainpro. Our beans are fresher!


  • We direct-trade; that means we sell roast coffee directly from Indonesia where it is farmed. This keeps more of the value in in the hands of our farmer and worker partners.
  • We minimise climate impact from packaging. Our product package doubles as our shipping package! Less materials and less shipping weight means less impact; it also means less cost for our customers.
  • We pay our partners significantly above market rates and we provide free meals and safe working conditions.  


  • We operate transparently; bribes, and predatory business tactics are not part of Cardano Kopi. 
  • We have a photo-based traceability system that gives customers super detailed information on how their coffee was made.
Cardano Kopi is not affiliated with Cardano Foundation, IOHK or Emurgo. 
Please contact us if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.